I was born at a very early age.

I am currently 33 years old, or, as they say "entering my decline phase" if I were a baseball player.

I grew up in northern New Jersey (Lodi), raised as a Yankee fan, by my mom, but now I like to fancy myself more as just a baseball fan, though it's hard not to like the Yankees.

I went to Lehigh University, in Bethlehem, PA, and chose to stay here upon graduation with a bachelor's degree in materials science and engineering. I had a Minor in Religion Studies.

I worked at a commercial materials testing laboratory, LTI, for about five years, and then left that job in the middle of March, 2002 to go work for a small R&D firmcalled Materials Resources International in Lansdale, PA.

I left that job and started working for LTK Engineering in Ambler PA in December of 2006 and have been here ever since.

I live in Bethlehem, in a house we bought a month before my wife, Sunny, and I were married, on 1 June 2002.

I started Boy of Summer because I love baseball, and I love talking and arguing, and there aren't enough people I know personally who will let me incorporate both of those things in a conversation very often or for very long.

If you want to get in touch with me, I can be reached at tmutchell@yahoo.com.